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SubjectRe: Improving Ext2 Reliability
On Tue, 14 Apr 1998 wrote:

> Losing the cache is bad.. But it's better then downtime..
> The solition is prob Logging FSes.. But they tend to be slow..
> I'd rather blow the cache on the increadibly rare improper shutdown then
> be slow all the time or require a long check at boot..

When I was playing with Squid and transparent proxying, web downtime due
to squid server problems was not an acceptable I played
around with gated, and through some gated games, got the squid server
setup such that when it was up, there was a default route in OSPF pointing
to the squid server. The metric on that route was high enough that
I had some systems using it, some ignoring it. Thus if the squid server
was down, customers would get to the web non-proxied. I had to give up
testing as the hardware I had available was inadequate.

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