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    SubjectRE: Improving Ext2 Reliability
    On Tue, 14 Apr 1998, Jordan Mendelson wrote:

    > The cache takes quite a long time to rebuild and I don't feel like wasting
    > bandwidth to save 30 minutes :)

    You've missed a major concern: a cache with corrupt data is a disservice
    to your users. Squid does *not* verify that the data contained within the
    cache is correct. Some very good points to this effect have been made in
    the recent thread 'NT causes $10M loss' on cold.system. Consistent
    metadata buys you nothing if you don't verify the data's valid. Fsck is
    *only* meant to exit when a filesystem has valid metadata which the
    sysadmin can use to clean up the mess after a crash (preferably restoring
    from backup).

    > I'm finally just scrapping 2.0.x and moving to 2.1.9x so I can at least get
    > alt-sysrq and some better debugging messages. Hell, 2.1.9x has been more
    > stable on my development boxes than the 2.0.33+ on my production machines.
    > :)

    Good luck! =)


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