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    SubjectRe: beos-bootloader? (fwd)
    14-Apr-98 21:22 you wrote:
    > > OR, we could strike a deal with Be, placing our boot loader
    > > under another copyright (a common bootloader will probably
    > That is up to all the copyright holders. It remains to see what Be's
    > actions are. For certain items of code the authors have already made
    > it clear they will make no exception for Be, even if they have to invent
    > the class action copyright lawsuit.
    > Its not in Be's interest to be hit with a lawsuit barring them from
    > shipping BeOS, its not in anyone's interest (except for Mr Gates who
    > probably thinks its hilarious) for Be to have to fight and lose a lawsuit
    Ok. Be also uses hacked loadlin and LiLo (and this fact is even written on Be's
    web site :-) LiLo is under BSD-style license but loadlin is also under GPL and
    here is answer from Hans Lermen:

    > Well, I need a bit more Info before I can complain. Would you mind to send
    > me some _prooven_ details, especially as I don't know anything about BeOS?
    > However, I'm not a rich man, so its quite possible, that I don't have the
    > money to pay a lawyer. Maybe this is something for the FSF, but their
    > usual actions only take place, when the GPL is hurt for their own
    > products. Loadlin's copyright is held by me, not by the FSF, I just put it
    > under GPL.

    But BEFORE all other actions could be taken we must find at least one guy
    with BeOS CD :-(

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