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    SubjectQuestion on /proc/interrupts

    Short question on /proc/interrupts.

    If I do a "cat /proc/interrupts" I get:

    0: 2747188 XT PIC timer
    1: 12958 XT PIC keyboard
    2: 0 XT PIC cascade
    4: 288563 XT PIC serial
    8: 0 XT PIC rtc
    9: 45153 XT PIC ncr53c8xx
    13: 1 XT PIC fpu

    Assuming that this is a counter of interrupts happened so far, I am
    wondering, why the counter for the fpu-interrupts still is "1", even
    if I have done such heavy calculating stuff like rendering or raytracing
    (bmrt/povray). MATH_EMULATION of the kernel is switched off, I am
    using a AMD K6.

    What happens here?


    E-Mail: Meino Christian Cramer <>
    Date: 13-Apr-98
    Time: 17:44:27

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