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    SubjectRe: 2.1.95: freezes persist (aic7xxx freeze)
    Jim wrote:
    > I have to say that even with minimalist monolithic kernel on
    > Dual-Pentium 100 (64mb RAM, 32MB swap) crashes after I put
    > some load on (load average 3.2) .... this was done by compiling
    > 3 separate trees of kernel simutaneously.
    > The system freezes after about 5 minutes of compiling...
    > seems to me that "excessive" disk operations can cause this.
    > The same operation done on 2.0.33 hasn't got any problems.
    > The system locks up so dead that even SysRq keys doesn't work.
    > Nearly trashed my filesystem along the way too :O
    > I have AIC7870 onboard and also a Promise Ultra33 EIDE card
    > 3 x 1GB SCSI for the AIC7870,
    > 1x4gb + 1x 1gb on the promise card, no onboard PCI-IDE.
    > All Linux partitions are on the SCSI disks.
    > Oh, also, the aic7xxx driver doesn't compile directly after expansion
    > .. it required a patch to prevent an error ... this first
    > occurred in 2.1.92 (I think). Could you please include that patch
    > in the 2.1.96 please Linus ?
    > jim..

    Get the pre-patch-2.1.96-1, it has the new updated aic7xxx drivers which
    are thread and SMP -safe. Compiled fine for me, do nothing but a
    monolithic mini-kernel, since I (at least) find since kmod doesent do
    dependency loading it is non-functional (ie. if you have to pre-load
    your modules, why do you need a module loader? Kmod is a really nifty
    feature, but it either has to be revamped or modprobe must send the
    right signals to it).

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