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Subjectppp/slip load balancing?
I was just wondering, has anyone else noticed that while they ftp on a 
ppp or slip modem link, that everything else slows down to a crawl
and the ftp gets all the bandwidth? (especially character-based
connections like irc and telnet, but http also suffers big time)

Shouldn't there be some sort of balancing scheme that allocates bandwidth
equally as programs need it?

Like right now, my IRC lag is like 40 seconds, and ftp is using all my
available bandwidth, and telnet is absolutly unbearable.

I noticed this under 2.0.x, as well as 2.1.95.

Mike Perry
Maintainer of and subpages.

>>> You have been kicked off #WindowsNT by PDC (banned: 5 year ban)

Ahhhhhhhh what a relief.


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