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    SubjectRe: PCI changes -- SCSI reordering question
    Manuel J. Galan writes:
    > New SCSI reordering can be a real mess, I was lucky not having
    > disks on second adapter, else sde -> sda, sda -> sdb, etc.
    > Nice cycle ;-), mad /etc/fstab, and panic on boot.

    The latest devfs patch (v25) makes it easy to fix this. Firstly, there
    are the device entries based on SCSI IDs, and secondly there is the
    "scsihosts=" kernel option which controls the assignment of SCSI host
    numbers. Have a look at

    It's against 2.1.91. I'll be bringing out a version against 2.1.94 in
    a few days (plus some other changes), now that my machine is back on
    the air (dead M/B: SuperMicros suck, in my experience).



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