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    SubjectRe: Merging EXT2 and El Torito
    Followup to:  <6dvb0l$>
    By author: (Eugene Crosser)
    In newsgroup:
    > I agree with hpa that if you want your CD as a root you can live with
    > iso9660 fs and El Torito boot floppy image. But, it would be much better
    > for many purposes to have root filesystem on a ramdisk, like we do on
    > most Linux distributions, and cdrom itself mounted as /usr or something.
    > Having root on ramdisk is more flexible: you can edit config files like
    > /etc/hosts, easily create mount points if necessary etc.
    > Now, my question is: is it possible to tell the kernel to load ramdisk
    > image from cdrom, and if yes, how? At the first glance, seems to be
    > tricky. In case of floppy, the image is read straight from device,
    > and in case of cdrom, you need to access a file on a filesystem that
    > is not mounted yet.
    > Any ideas, anyone?

    Piece of cake. Use initrd:

    Create a floppy image with your kernel and a .gz file of your root
    filesystem. Put SYSLINUX 1.33 or later on it as a boot loader. Use
    that as your El Torito boot disk image. Done.

    This works, because an initrd is loaded by the boot loader and not by
    the kernel.

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