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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Cyrix setup
On Sun, 8 Mar 1998, Jedi/Sector One wrote:

> Here we go for a new Cyrix patch.
> Indeed, many Cyrix users use the K.Gadeyne's set6x86 program with a simple
> rc script in order to enable several 6x86 features at bootup. So why not
> just merging these initializations in the kernel ?
Ah... sorry, but no. What would happen if someone would use some of
those performace-enhancing options in the intitialization of the kernel?
a) They would work great and the kernel would be super fast
b) They wouldn't work at all and would completely mess things up (lock
the machine, interfere with HD operation, I can't recall what the points
where against doing this during the last discussion).

Besides, what if someone wanted to CHANGE those options? They would have
to re-compile their kernel every time. It's so much more convenient to
have the initializations in a user-space program.

Phil Brutsche

"Be of stout heart, Number One. We've handled the Borg. We can
certainly handle Admiral Jellico." - Jean-Luc Picard

Linux: World Domination. Resistance is futile.

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