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    SubjectRe: devfs patch v21 available
    On Mon, 30 Mar 1998, Richard Gooch wrote:
    > Hi, all. Version 21 of my devfs patch is now available
    > Please, would people give this a final thrashing. I want to submit
    > this to Linus ASAP. Unless there are outstanding issues, I'm happy to
    > see it included in the mainstream kernel now.

    It works for me (TM), apart from one bug and some (minor) flaws:

    - The bug:
    /dev # ln -s ttyS1 mouse
    /dev # rm mouse
    /dev # ls mouse
    /bin/ls: mouse: no such file or directory
    /dev # ln -s ttyS0 mouse
    ln: cannot symbolic link 'ttyS0' to 'mouse': file exists
    /dev # ls mouse
    /bin/ls: mouse: no such file or directory

    linking with ttyS1 again succeeds.

    - SysVInit (v2.65f) seems to try to open /dev/console. So I see
    'unable to open an initial console' on bootup until I mknod
    the console device into /dev (ext2)
    - SysVInit opens /dev/initctl on shutdown.... (pipe)
    - Autoloading the ide-cdrom module does not work!? Perhaps
    kerneld <-> kmod related? (modprobe ide-cd works)
    - mknod does not actually create a special device in /dev ?
    So /dev/video et al could not be simply mknodded.


    Richard Guenther <>
    PGP: 2E829319 - 2F 83 FC 93 E9 E4 19 E2 93 7A 32 42 45 37 23 57

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