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SubjectRe: Linux-privs
On Sun, Mar 29, 1998 at 03:54:20PM -0600, Stephan K. Zitz wrote:

> I'm curious … Why was Trusted Solaris chosen as the implementation to
> "[get]…fairly close to…"?

The number of B1 certified Unices is quite low. I only know of Trusted
Solaris (Sun has some page outlining the capabilites online) and Trusted
IRIX (full manuals user and admin online at SGI). This severly limits
the choice of what to clone. I don't know of any Unix which implements
capability maps and is not B1 certified.

In real live both operating systems are very rare in use; I've never seen
one in real live.

I guess both are missing the Bugtraq security bonus of widespread operating
systems which makes their security's value somewhat dubious ...


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