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SubjectRe: GGI Project Unhappy On Linux

> > > Would you like to see boot messages?
> > No. I won't buy shitty cards designed for Windows 98. Just the same as I won't
> > buy a GUI printer or WinModem. You will? They you'll be sorry.
> Then you won't have a PC fairly soon. Nobody needs text mode, people are
> starting to emulate it by default and Linux has a fine frame buffer console
> without KGI/GGI getting much involved. If you want to support Japanese on
> the console I suspect it will also be somewhat useful (text mode is a bit
> small in fonts).

I've seen linux text-mode emulation on ultra-sparcs. There are not
many machines faster than ultra. It is *slow* compared to my 486 with
VGA. Even if you turn of hw scrolling on VGA it starts to be too
slow... I still think that text mode is good idea...


PS: I did measurements between arj.exe from dos and unarj for
linux. arj.exe is handwritten assembly, unarj is gcc. Unarj was
*FASTER*. Why? dos is not able to hw-scroll so arj.exe was slowed down
on its output...

I'm really Pavel
Look at ;-).

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