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    SubjectRe: 2.0.34pre4
    > Hmmm....  That just stresses the need for somewhat better bug tracking
    > (this one was obvious, but I don't recall seeing it reported at all -- I
    > may just be absent minded). I've had to sit down and write a test suite

    The Debian guys seem to have a good system, perhaps there are folks who
    want to do bug tracking work for the kernel in general ?

    > Right now only one thread will be handling a page fault at a time, which
    > might severely hamper performance -- filling in a zero filled page will
    > block until a previous page-in request from disk completes.

    I have to admit that for 2.0.x I couldnt care too much about improving
    performance. I do care that the Cyclone guys get their product working on


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