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SubjectRe: WLinux, kinda [OFFTOPIC] comment
> The WLinux idea (high level):
> Create a configuration and distribution of Linux that will run 'under'
> Win95 and WinNT using virtual device stubs to access native device

Sounds like a decent idea but.. Have you taken into account the fact that
when windows crashes (heh) so will WLinux? Besides, call me paranoid if
you want, but if you give problems to Gates be sure he'll find a way to
either buy it or make it useless with some new feature that is needed
for windows to work and that renders WLinux unoperative.

Let's face it, if all keeps going the way it's going now, we'll soon see
how microsoft really dominates the pc scene both in the software and
hardware layer, and as stated in linux-kernel before, linux users will
have to use sucky win98 stuff, use alternative (and prolly low
performance) hardware or move to some other architecture.

If ms can scare OEMs enough so they keep installing IE, or to keep silence
of why they don't install it, and with all that win98/pc99 rumours
floating around, why don't you think we are about to say bye to our x86?

- "Hey look, this new card is for windows and only $xx!"
- "Yes, but it's braindead and will hurt your performance. Take that one
over there. Besides, it's not an ope.."
- "Why that one?"
- "Because it's better, sinc.."
- "But I can do the same with this one, it's cheaper, and its for windows!"

Just because windows has such a big share of the OS market, in who do you
think manufacturers will focus? Joe Winloser, or Joe Linuxer? With who do
you feel they will make more money?

Of course, it might result in people buying more, say, alphas, and the
price of those alphas going doooown even more so the price/performance
ratio is quite more competitive and incentivates people to buy. Me? Nobody
is going to force me to use such $%^# hardware (and by extension, only
what Gates wants me to run), and I hope there are more people out of there
with the same opinion.

*sigh* Long Live Linux! :) .. and sorry for the rambling.

____/| Ragnar Hojland ( [LLL] Fingerprint 94C4B
\ o.O| 2F0D27DE025BE2302C
=(_)= "Thou shalt not follow the NULL pointer for 104B78C56 B72F0822
U chaos and madness await thee at its end." hkp://

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