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SubjectRe: GGI Project Unhappy On Linux
Marek Habersack wrote:
> On Fri, 27 Mar 1998, Richard B. Johnson wrote:
> > > applies to WinModems and perhaps other hardware. I doubt anyone except
> > > Micro$oft will implement their GUI API on their architectures.
> > >
> >
> > When Hewlett Packard(tm) actually sunk so low as to design and sell a
> > "printer", that is not a PRINTER at all, but an electromechanical
> > extension of the "Windows(r)" Operating System, I knew the end was near.
> Yes, that was sad...

Was? Try 'is'..

> > It is only a matter of time before there will be no more PC/AT Clones.
> > We are now approaching the time where future "computers" will be
> > electomechanical extensions of the "Windows(r)" Operating System.
> >
> > Money is power. Whether or not "Windows(r)" is a defective Operating
> > System makes no difference at all. Mr Gates. has defined the new era
> > of "computers" to be extensions of his (defective) operating systems(s)
> > and that-is-that. Mr. Gates has a larger legal department than
> > General Motors (last years INC rag).
> I don't buy it! What sense software like Linux will make then?! None at all!


> Do you agree to that? Do you think PEOPLE are such a small power that they
> cannot defeat a monster like Micro$loth? There are really millions of people

People don't have a reason to beat M$. You have a reason and I have a
reason, because we're computer professionals. But people are not
computer professionals. People just want to play games and type letters.

> using unices (and other non-M$ OSes) out there that do not and will not use
> Windows just because Billy G. tells them to and his marketing department has

Of course not. They will use Windows because they will be forced to.
It's like saying 'I'm not going to use PCI cards in my new PC just
because Billy tells me to'.

> fooled even the biggest sharks of the market. Perhaps Windows will rule, but

But they won't fool YOU!

> only on the Intel platoform and I suppose that professionals and people that

What network/graphics/audio/other cards are you going to use in the
'other' platforms? Custom made? You won't even come CLOSE to the
price/performance ratio of a crappy windoze system.

> CARE about computers, that want use and create good software will migrate to
> some other hardware platform (like Alphas, which are really affordable these
> days and they will get even cheaper IMHO). Even Billy G. isn't omnipotent, nor
> is his company.
> > Note that there are even "Gates" extensions encorporated into new
> > hardware chip-sets and even new BIOSs announce "Locating the boot-
> > loader..." when they start to boot. Eventually, if the boot-loader
> > isn't "Windows(r)", the machine will not boot (period).
> Yeah, the world shows sometimes symptoms of the return of Dark Ages, but I do
> believe in common sense!

Praise the Lord!:) For He can pay later. Everyone else pay CASH! (and
no, we don't take Common Sense)

Common sense will tell you Earth Is Flat and The Sun Circles Around The
Earth. And it will tell the average user You Don't Want To Mess With
Non-windoze Stuff Because Then It Won't Run On Your Neighbour's (Boss',
Secretary's, Business Partner's, ...) Windoze Stuff.

> > This is not a conspiracy. This is simply the future being planned
> > by PC Hardware manufacturers with the open involvement of Mr. Gates.
> Remember that PC is NOT only Intel platforms.

Oh, really? Ask the average user.


Andrej Presern,

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