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SubjectRe: GGI Project Unhappy On Linux
>>>>> "Andrej" == Andrej Presern <> writes:

Andrej> Alan Cox wrote:
>> Its just these funny intel boxes that need moving to some kind of
>> fbcon/kgi combo. fbcon does all the framebuffer, kgi has the
>> loadable pc style drivers and some work on acceleration that is
>> going to go somewhere good whatever shape it ends up in. The
>> combination of the lot once figured will be real nice for everyone

Andrej> Can best parts of KGI and fbcon be merged? How much work would
Andrej> that propose to both sides?

Yes and I do not even think it will be too hard to do.

The KGI guys have a lot of nice drivers for various PC chipsets, we
have the glue code to bind it to the console and let it work with both
VGA-style text consoles and framebuffer consoles which are needed on
some architectures. fbcon[1] may need some changes, but the concept is
quite flexible and I belive we can be made to work in a way that will
suit all of us.


[1]: abscon in fact, fbcon is the framebuffer console code whereas
abscon stands for abstract console.

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