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    SubjectRe: X (was Re: GGI Project Unhappy On Linux)
    > > There are a few problems with X, one major issue being that it is no
    > > longer free software (AFAIK the Open Group decided to make X11R6.4 free
    > > for non-commercial use only). If we want Linux to have a chance anywhere
    > Not that the following has to do anything with Linux kernel, but it is
    > worth being mentioned. I've just checked the X11 6.4 license at:
    > and it looks the same as before. There is nothing about the project
    > commercialization...

    The Opengroup are trying to keep this remarkably quiet for some reson. Now
    I wonder why, perhaps its feeling guilty about a futile attempt to hijack
    and abuse a great free software work. Opengroup members mumble things like
    'Im sorry I cant discuss this' when you ask them outright what they are
    playing at.

    Now perhaps more people will understand why the GPL is a better license
    than the BSD one in many cases.


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