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    SubjectRe: The GGI and EvStack debate -- Linus and such persons please reard.
    In article <>,
    Trever Adams <> wrote:
    >It seems Linus (though I respect him, think he is intelligent, I don't
    >believe he is infallible! No one is!) doesn't like the EvStack due to
    >the ideas of multiple keyboards.


    I don't like EvStack because I don't see the point. We can already
    support multiple keyboards and multiple displays, and we don't need
    EvStack to do so.

    The only real reason I've heard so far for EvStack is a "performance"
    issue, from people who have apparently read some SGI papers on it. That
    may not be the only reason for it, but it's the only one I've heard.

    And quite frankly, when we're talking about mice and keyboards that send
    a few hundred events a second at the most, I can't but wonder about
    people who think performance is a big issue.


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