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SubjectRe: GGI Project Unhappy On Linux
On Wed, 25 Mar 1998, Albert D. Cahalan wrote:

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> Interesting...

> > Sorry, I don't buy it. The BIOS requires textmode to boot and
> > run setup.
> That is _your_ BIOS. In case you haven't noticed, some BIOS setup
> programs already run in graphics mode, with a mouse even. That's
> not even counting Compaq, with BIOS setup done through Windows.
And you think it's so wonderful? I do prefer the usual textmode BIOS interface
which is fast and efficient. And Windoze-based BIOS/monitor (like Phillips
Brilliance)/Printer setup programs are a sick idea IMHO!

> No, this is real. You might get a really slow software emulation,
> like the console of a Sun workstation. SPARC Linux bypasses that
> because it is too damn slow for real work.
What are you talking about? PCs have always had a text mode and it worked
good. So I see no reason why would it disappear! Sure, the normal video mode
may be graphical, but there are many tasks that can be done in text mode just

> > There will *always* be texmode, because it is so simple and
> > "idiot proof" to work with.
> Text mode is complex, because it requires extra hardware.
Eh? It uses the same hardware what gfx mode.

> Windows can already emulate INT10.
So why the hell are you using Linux?! Use Windows!

> You wish. Modems will always have UARTs and printers...
No. One day we will all use WinModems and GUI printers - yeah, right....

> > Do you speak for me? I don't think so. Games are VERY LOW on
> > my list of what i use my computer for. Graphics, yes. Games, no.
> I'm not speaking for you. I'm looking at the average of all Linux
> users. You bring the average down, but games are still in the top 10.
I think you have a completely wrong idea of an average Linux user. If you
think it's the same Joe Blow that uses Win9x then you're insulting all of us.
Whoever I talk to about Linux and games just smiles at me and makes a gesture
suggesting I'm insane ;-) I just hope games will never be in the top 10 for
Linux. I don't think one needs thousands of games on a web, news, mail etc.

> Don't think I'm a gamer either, because I seldom use games. I'm not
> sure I have 10 other more important things though. (software development,
> Internet access... maybe a few other things but not 10)
I'm sorry for you. I think I have some 100 more important things than games on
my list. And I'm even more sure that most of the Linux people thinks the same.

> > MOV AX, 3
> > INT 10h
> >
> > Oops, I just set a video mode through BIOS.
> Nope, you made the video card lock up your PCI bus. The BIOS can
> set a video mode if it knows what mode you are already in or if
> you are the fortunate owner of a well-behaved card.
Huh? When setting a mode the card doesn't give a damn about what the current
video mode is! It simply fills the registers with pre-set values in the
given order. Perhaps you were talking about software?

> > It seems to me that games are a very high priority on your list
> > of things. That's fine.
> Nope. You'd like to think GGI proponents are all serious gamers,
> wouldn't you? I'd like to play a game once a month or so.
Then fire up DOSEMU and play Super Mario Bros or whatever you like.

> > But putting people down because of the hardware they buy,
> > making comments on their finanial status...
> Really, I don't care why you can't afford a better card.
> It's no problem.
Let's just cut the discussion right here - it's getting unhealthy. I explained
the issue two times already - just read the other postings.

"Hello John, have you seen The Standard four hours ago?
They fished a chick out of the Old Father...
Blond hair, blue eyes... She said she would be an actress or something...
Nobody knows what she was planning for, where she was going...
Funny thing she had smile on her face, she was smiling..."
"What a waste!"
-- Fish "Chelsea Monday"

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