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SubjectHelp needed with serial port
  Perhaps, this question is not directly related to linux kernel,
however ,this list
has always generated helpful hints. so I'll appreciate any help
Or I'd be equally happy with a pointer to a site with more info.
So here's the problem I am facing:
I try to connect my router and a PC running almighty Linux through
port (router ) and serial port (Linux). Now where the confusion takes a
of me is the determining the correct serial port. In /proc/interrupts I
the following: 4: 4 + serial. That makes me think of IRQ 4 = COM 1 or
COM 3 in Linux nomenclature cua0 or cua2 (Am I right here?).
I am using kermit to access cua0 -> router.
The cabling is correct , because I was able access the same type of
router (in reserve) with different PC using the same cable.
My question would be : What is the correct port if not cua* ?
Any particular tricky issue as far as kermit is concerned ?
What's the difference between cua* and ttyS* (except major
5 vs 4) ?
If that above is confusing or incomplete please feel free to drop
me a mail, so I could clarify .
Thank for everybody's precious time


George Klimes
NYCPORT Networks "The Purveyor of Bandwidth" ^ ^

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"I am sure that an apple grower would tell Newton he did not
tell all there is to be known about the apple."


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