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    SubjectRe: Available for testing: /dev/pts filesystem
    > Out of curiousity: does your /dev/pts support > 256 ptys, if someone ever
    > gets around to adding dynamic-pty support (alternatively, you could
    > change the constant NR_PTYS in the kernel)?
    > --Scott
    > @ @

    Changing NR_PTYS should work with the code unmodified (well, you may
    have to change the mapping from pty numbers to kdev_t's but that's
    really unrelated); to make the pty's dynamic you'd have to do a little
    more work, but the changes should be trivial (you would want to change
    the inodes array to something dynamic, as well as change the tests
    against NR_PTYS).

    Nothing that amounts to rocket science.


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