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SubjectSB: get rid of oops, SF16FMI radio
Hello Alan and others,
it is possible that I missed out something, but I downloaded 2.1.91-pre1
and SB still does not work. I am sure that Alan works on this, but I think
that it is not good that there are still oopses for about 2 weeks now.
I'm not sure whether my patch is better than adding kmalloc() into place
where audio_devs[]->devc is initialized, but it is smaller and easier
(for me).

And if I am talking to linux-kernel: If there is somebody interested in,
I wrote kernel driver for FM radio available on Vibra SF16FMI soundcard. I
also modularized old RadioTrack driver. Patch against
is available on ""
(patches for 2.1.88, 89 and 90 are also available at that address).
Petr Vandrovec

diff -urN linux-2.1.90.dist/drivers/sound/sb_common.c linux/drivers/sound/sb_common.c
--- linux-2.1.90.dist/drivers/sound/sb_common.c Sat Mar 14 00:36:03 1998
+++ linux/drivers/sound/sb_common.c Wed Mar 18 15:54:59 1998
@@ -928,7 +928,7 @@
- kfree(devc);
+ /* kfree(devc); */
release_region(hw_config->io_base, 16);

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