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SubjectQ: Gathering I/O stats per device and NFS stats
	I'm in the process of reverse enginerring the hp-ux glanceplus program and
am running into some problems with tracking down some statistics that are
available at least from the hp-ux kernel.
What i'm looking to gather in some way are the following:
Disk I/O requests per device: ie: total read requests for sda1, sda2,
hda1, etc.
Disk transfers per device
NFS read/write requests
NFS transfers

Also, its trivial enough to figure out things such as %cpu time spent in
User mode, and number
of interrupts/cswitches, etc over that period of time, however is their
anyway to calculate from
this the %cpu time spent doing cswitches, servicing interrupts, syscalls,
etc, like you apparently
can do with hp-ux?

I've looked all over /proc and couldnt find a way and i've done some
source searching
but to no evail. Is there anyway that i can obtain at least some of these?



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