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SubjectRe: Help SMP/dual PII333MHz on GA686DLX board
On Sun, 22 Mar 1998, Alan Cox wrote:

> > I'm tearing my hair out. The second processor has 2.79 bogomips, the first
> > has 333.41 bogomips.
> Congratulations, send the bill for your hair damage to the supplier. You
> have yet another SMP box with faulty bios. There is a patch for 2.0.x
> on and there are people working on generic MTRR handling
> for 2.1.x
I have one dumb question about that. How is NT able to work with it if the
BIOS has problems? Or does it explain why NT has bad SMP performance(What
I read in several magazines). I have a SMP box but I never tried to run NT
on it.

Dominik Weis

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