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SubjectRe: NETBEUI support?
On Sat, 21 Mar 1998, Richard B. Johnson wrote:

> I have been trying to get all of Analogic to not use NETBEUI. When
> a network backup is occurring between two Micro$garbage machines,
> I have to disconnect my network when using Linux on my 166 MHz
> Pentium. Otherwise, the machine is severly overloaded and takes
> several hundred milliseconds to even echo a character (very visible).
> Futher, a kernel compile that normally takes 18-20 minutes takes well
> over an hour.
> No. No not use that crap.

From what I am reading Win98 and NT5.0 will be getting rid of all that
crap anyway. Seems that Microsoft has invented something called TCP/IP and
another really revolutionary concept called DNS that eliminates the
netbios crap too. All that arping from browsers is going to go away.
I also hear rumors that they are on the verge of breakthrough discoveries
called NFS, and LPD too. Given enough time and money, they might
eventually invent Unix.

George Bonser
Just be thankful that Microsoft does not manufacture pharmaceuticals.
Debian/GNU Linux ... the maintainable operating system.

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