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    SubjectRe: [2.1.90-final] Kernel won't boot from [EZD] partition
    On Wed, 18 Mar 1998, Clayton Weaver wrote:

    > I don't know that Linux can read a DrivePro drive.
    It's just an EZ-Drive partition with the drive geometry modified with the
    shift-2 technique.

    > It could use linear in lilo.conf instead, but that probably isn't much
    > help as far as getting from DrivePro remapped to there.
    > My ancient technique on pre-lba 486 boards was to make a root partition
    > that ends below cyl 1024, install the base distribution and an editor,
    > edit lilo.conf and add "linear" to the global section up above the
    > per-kernel sections, reboot.
    I would do that, but the problem is that the drive has been paritioned before
    I got it in my hands and there's A LOT of software installed on it (Winblowz
    and Linux) and I DO want to avoid installing and configuring it...

    > I've been using a 1600+ cyl connor eide drive this way for a couple of
    > years, and the linear parameter to lilo was compatible with wd540 eide
    > drives and doesn't bother my digital/quantum scsi drives, either. Should
    > be fine with the Seagate (ps: check it with hdparm after everything is
    > installed to see what kind of pio mode support you get).
    That seagate is PIO3,4 and I have tested a similar HDD with the linear
    parameter and it works just fine. That's not a problem to repartition and
    configure a new drive like this, I was just hoping to plug the 2.1.90 in and
    forget about the partitions... No can do, I'm afraid.

    later, marek
    A bird in the hand makes it awfully hard to blow your nose.

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