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Subject[PATCH] Re: ipportfw and ipautofw in 2.1.. ?
On Wed, 18 Mar 1998, David Burrows wrote:

> Where can I get an updated version of ipmasqadm that actually works with
> the latest 2.1 kernel? :) I miss this feature a lot, but not enough to
> warrant me switching back to 2.0 (yuck!!)).. :)
> Cheers,
I've just uploaded 2.1.90 patches and ipmasqadm-0.3 to the URL below.

I tried portfw succesfully, including load balancing (2.1.90p3)
(autofw does setup but I did not test funcionality).

* Wed Mar 18 09:07:21 ART 1998
- ip_dynaddr use other rt buffer to avoid skb->dst corruption
if route query fail
- removed stupid lock in ip_masq_ctl() that triggered oops when
auto-loading modules (start_bh_atomic followed by sleep)
- tiny kernel headers include avoidance in ip_fw.h
- updated to ipmasqadm-0.3 (compiles under GLIBC2)

Regards ...

-- Juanjo
Yo don't need an hologram to know...
Nor you need to sell your brain to anyone.
Yo can feel it. It's Linux.

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