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    Subject[2.1.90-final] Kernel won't boot from [EZD] partition

    I've got that old i386 which I wanted to use as a firewall for the LAN using
    the 2.1.90 kernel. The machine has a Seagate ST31276A drive which has been
    configured using the DrivePro software to remap the drive geometry to
    620/64/63, so that DOS can see the entire drive. The drive is partitioned as

    /dev/hda1 - 500MB DOS partition
    /dev/hda2 - Extended partition:
    /dev/hda5 - 700MB Linux primary partition
    /dev/hda6 - 18MB Linux swap partition

    Linux is booted from the DOS partition using loadlin with the following
    parameters passed to kernel:

    root=/dev/hda5 ro

    The boot process goes as far as to the "Partition check:" line, here's what

    hda: [EZD]
    hda: attempt to read beyond the end of device

    Then kernel panics and freezes.
    The 2.0.3[234] kernels boot the system just fine:

    Partition check:
    hda: [EZD] [remap 0->1] [620/64/63] hda1 hda2 <hda5 hda6>

    I would like to avoid repartitioning the drive as it would involve
    reinstalling all the software on DOS and Linux, and that takes time on an i386

    The machine is an AMD i386 40Mhz, 8MB RAM, local bus motherboard with an LB
    Windbond IDE/ATAPI Multi I/O card, a 4x VERTOS ATAPI CD-ROM drive attached and
    this Seagate HDD.

    l8r, marek
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