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SubjectRe: diskless client
On Wed, 18 Mar 1998, Pavel Machek wrote:

> > Hi folks,
> > I have been working on this all night. I need to get a diskless client
> > working using BOOTP. The server is running 2.1.89 as is the client.
> > The client mounts the filesystem ok but then the kernel panics saying
> > that it can't find init. What am I doing wrong?
> Try to pass init=/bin/bash or even better
> /bin/some_statically_linked_bash.

Potentially, you have not run ldconfig in your diskless root on the server
so the dynamic linker can't load init and the kernel complain. Normally,
if init is missing, the kernel will try various stuff and finally will
give you a shell. No need to do init=/bin/bash.

I am developping a small installation kit for diskless client. It is
mostly for diskless X terminals. It is installing out of a redhat 5.0

This might be of interest to others.

Jacques Gelinas (
Linuxconf: The ultimate administration system for Linux.
new developments: remote GUI admin, multiple machines admin, wu-ftpd

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