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SubjectBogoMIPS revisitied...MMX
Ok, I wouldn't ask this question if I didn't think that there was
more going on here.

I have a P100 Toshiba laptop. It's your average P100 mobile 2.9v
processor. I recently purchased a P233MMX as well.

The thing that baffles me is this:

I know that the bogomips loop is a >small< and tight loop of 3 or
4 instructions. Why is it that my P100 spits out something like
39.19 BogoMIPS and my P233MMX spits out 466.15 bogomips? I know
that the Pentium had some issue with this, being that a standard
486 executed *that* particular loop faster.

So, why such the HUGE difference?


Perry Harrington Linux rules all OSes. APSoft ()
email: Think Blue. /\

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