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SubjectRe: syslogd
> At some point, Unix-domain sockets were made modular.  Double-check your
> configuration, making sure that you enable these. Can anyone explain the
> rationale behind making sockets optional? It is churning up a lot of
> support questions..

Sure, I made unix domain sockets optional because a) it was easy
and b) optional is good.

> Perhaps the config "help" function ought to make mention of the various
> critical daemons and applications which fail utterly in the absence of
> Unix sockets?

Sure, below is a patch to make things a bit more clear.
But as far as unix domain sockets being a module, I don't think
it needs any further justification. Modules are good, configuration
bugs are bad. Let's kill the configuration bugs.

Kirk Petersen

--- Tue Mar 17 20:15:38 1998
+++ Tue Mar 17 20:17:00 1998
@@ -1847,7 +1847,8 @@
as a module, say M here and read Documentation/modules.txt. If you
try building this as a module and you are running kerneld, be sure
to add 'alias net-pf-1 unix' to your /etc/conf.module file. If
- unsure, say Y.
+ unsure, say Y. (NOTE: X Windows and syslog probably won't work
+ if you say N to this or fail to configure it correctly)

The IPv6 protocol
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