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SubjectRe: Random APM Power SoftOff
On Thu, Mar 12, 1998 at 02:07:59PM +0100, Alexander Ehlert wrote:
> Hi,
> since yesterday I'm the proud(?) owner of an Gigabyte GA586 ATX3 Board
> with AMD K6/233. I tried to boot my old linux-system and every time the
> system accessed the IDE-Harddisk it instantly powered off ! I used Kernel
> 2.0.33 with and without APM support. Simply booting a Debian rescue
> gave me a working linux system.
> Until i tried e2fsck on my IDE-Disk proper working with my SCSI Disks
> was possible. Testing with APM enabled/disabled and Powersaving
> enabled/disabled in BIOS didn't change anything.

Consider exchanging the power supply of your box. It might be the case, that
the IDE needs a large current to power up and your supply voltage drops by a
few percent. The Power on/off Flip-Flop seems to sensitive on that.
Just a thought ...

Kurt Garloff, Dortmund
PGP key on

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