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    Hi all,

    Sorry, I'm sure people have posted this over and over. I would have read
    out on the archives of the aic7xxx list but the links are screwed.

    I'm still encountering the symptom with which the AHA-2940AU does not
    detect any devices after a warm boot, requiring a cold restart, plus the
    classic occasional timeouts. I tried to apply the suggestions on the
    aic7xxx list, as far as I could go with the mess on the archives, but the
    kernel 2.0.33 source has changed rather significantly and I got lost.
    Right now, I need 2.0.33.

    Can anyone help me or direct me to a solution for 2.0.33?

    Thanks, and help appreciated.

    Gerard Paul R. Java
    System Administrator, Mosaic Communications Cebu

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