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    SubjectRe: mmap() versus read()

    > [context: paging executables from origin; why not swap?]
    > > Ok. Is there easy way to change it? On my system, swap is order of
    > > magnitude faster than disk. I would like linux to take advantage of
    > > it.
    > There isn't an easy way to change it right now, unless you want to give up
    > the sharing of clean pages, which is a big loss. One option will be
    > to

    Hmm - looks like I lost sharing of clean change by my hack: I let
    swap_state.c set page->inode to swapper_inode even it was already set
    to some executable's inode. It really did not work too well.

    > take a swap backed inode (I'm using such beasts to replace the SysV shm
    > objects) and use it to 'cache' the executable - this would be easy enough
    > to accomplish, but could be a potentially heavy user of swap. It does
    > have the benefit of also caching normal file access... (say, NFS ;-)

    Caching normal files in swap would be _real_ win in case of NFS. (And
    definitely over _my_ NFS doing 50k/sec at best :-).

    I can not imagine too well how would you free swap in this case.


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