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    SubjectRe: 2.1.X and its separation from the Linux User base
    Rik van Riel <> said:
    > We don't need three trees for that. It would be enough if
    > we have:
    > - a mainline development tree, of which we
    > - split off a stable version (every once in a while), which
    > we bug-fix, but don't add new features to. A splitoff
    > would preferably occur just before a major change in the
    > kernel occurs.

    Exactly! Instead of worrying about just two kernel series, have Linus and
    the core hackers worry about three! Just incredibly cuts down on the work
    these *extremely* busy people have to do!!

    Get real, please: The time of the core people working on Linux is an
    extremely scarce, precious commodity. If you want to backport changes from
    2.1.xx to 2.0.xx, go and support the Linux Maintenance Project (lmp) [Is it
    still alive, BTW?]. If you want 2.2.1 earlier, either fix 2.1.xx or pay
    someone to do it for you. Just *don't* scream about 2.2.1 being overdue:
    It's not, in the opinion of the people who are entitled to say so. And, if
    MHO counts for anything, what I see on this list is that there are still
    major points to be resolved, rough edges to be smoothed and many nits to be
    picked. So, 2.2.1 is still rather far away.
    Horst von Brand
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