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    SubjectFIC PA-2007 & Linux

    (Please excuse me if this seems off-topic, but it raises perhaps an
    important kernel issue.)

    I have an FIC PA-2007 Socket 7 motherboard with a Pentium 133 CPU
    installed... the board has worked flawlessly under Windows 95 and Windows
    NT 4.0 (including image processing with 128MB RAM installed and over 100MB
    of swap on top of that). I just recently installed Linux onto this
    machine (2.1.85 with all packages listed in Documentation/Changes). I am
    running GNU C on kernel 2.1.85 and I cannot compile any large
    applications (ie. compiler, kernel, etc) without SIG11s occurring
    randomly. Before anybody jumps to conclusions, I consider myself a
    competent system builder and have tried replacing the board, the memory
    (from two different suppliers and many different configurations) and
    NOTHING has helped.

    Please, I do not want to hear "it works here", I want to know why this is
    happening... Given my experience running Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 on
    this machine under far greater than average load, I would have to argue
    that it's not a hardware problem (yes, I've heard this "Windows doesn't
    use the system like Linux uses it" bullshit).

    Any comments?



    Mike Frisch Email:
    Northstar Technologies WWW:
    Newmarket, Ontario, CANADA

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