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Subjecttunnels under 2.1.8X, problem report
> > > Could someone point me the way?  Thanks.
> >
> >

Ok, i've gotten the "ip" util, and played with it some
hours. Extra tunnel devices can be made under 2.1.X,
but they don't work as i'm used to in the 2.0.3X kernels.

Specifically, i can't route from one subnet to another
thru the tunnel under all circumstances. Have a situation
where i can route from one subnet to the endpoint of
the tunnel on the target subnet, but not past that machine.

The subnets are connected thru eql'd PPP lines, and the
tunnel goes thru these lines.

Also, one of these tunnel machines get a bit unstable.

b <>
on vacation from years of running an ISP on QNX
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