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SubjectBest stable development kernel?

I have been running 2.1.x kernels since 2.1.72 (not that long ago :) and I
have been experiencing problems with certian kernels and SCSI
devices/cards. I have found 2.1.74 to be the most stable kernel (I
haven't tried 2.1.84 or 85) with the hardware I have.

I am getting ready to put 2.1.x on another machine (for IPv6) and I was
wondering if anyone knows of the most stable 2.1.x kernel that is fairly
recent. This machine is on 24/7 and does weekly backups (to a SCSI tape
drive) and needs to be fairly stable.

The computer I want to put 2.1.x on (Intel i486) has the following

Future Domain TMC-3260 PCI SCSI card (using the TMC-16x0 driver)
DEC 21041 PCI ethernet card (using the tulip.c driver)

--Grant Miller

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