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SubjectRe: 2.1.X and its separation from the Linux User base
> Have tried to run a 2.1.X kernel during the burn-in phase of a new server
> but quickly had to switch back to 2.0.X due to problems with networking.

Yep. And 2.1.x is gradually stabilising now. Getting the TCP fixed is the
next big step. At that point most kernel, fs and network core code is stable.

> number of users to test it before release. There is not even much concern
> to fix the existing bugs in 2.1.X (See the IP masquerading issue) . Many

Erm.. a lot of people definitely care about that, don't insult folks. You
can also DIY ..

> For 2.2: Freeze, fix the bugs and get things out ASAP before trying any

Linus has already announced the first stage of freezing stuff. Im no longer
letting people change visible network API's and various "aimed for 2.1.x"
features are now "aimed at 2.3.x, disabled".


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