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    Subject2.1.X and its separation from the Linux User base
    It has been almost two years since 2.0.X was released and it seems to me
    that just a few highly specialized people are using 2.1.X for mostly
    limited purposes. I use it for a workstation and I know of others as well.
    Some installations for limited server use I know.

    But mostly the people who run production servers or fully featured
    networking stuff use 2.0.X. On the Campus I run I use 2.0.X exclusively.
    I patch 2.0.X with certain 2.1.X features if I need to have them.

    Have tried to run a 2.1.X kernel during the burn-in phase of a new server
    but quickly had to switch back to 2.0.X due to problems with networking.

    I think it will be very difficult to release 2.2.x and to get a large
    number of users to test it before release. There is not even much concern
    to fix the existing bugs in 2.1.X (See the IP masquerading issue) . Many
    people (like I) have or had to just give up on trying 2.1.X in a fully
    featured environment.

    I think the release time between stable kernels should be reduced
    significantly. Release a stable kernel each 6 months at least and develop
    a testing program. Keep the user base in touch with kernel development
    otherwise we will loose momentum and users will not test the development
    kernel anymore.


    For 2.2: Freeze, fix the bugs and get things out ASAP before trying any
    new ideas that will break things again. It will be difficult to get 2.2.X
    accepted since most people by this time are mostly satisfied with 2.0.X
    kernels and have developed patches for 2.0.X if they need more

    Start 2.3.X for those people who cannot wait to experiment with new ideas.

    Just my unhumble opinion....

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