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SubjectRe: Architecture Selection in 2.1.88

On Wed, 25 Feb 1998, Mike Jagdis wrote:

> On Mon, 23 Feb 1998, Trevor Johnson wrote:
> > *
> > * Processor type and features
> > *
> > Processor family (3=386, 4=486/DX4/Am5x86, 5=Pentium/K5/Cx5x86/6x86,
> > 6=PPro/K6/6x86MX) [5=Pentium/K5/Cx5x86/6x86] 5
> > defined CONFIG_M586
> >
> > which I think is an improvement. I'm making an educated guess about the
> > AMD versus Cyrix 5x86 chips, and the DX4s.

What about the new Pentium II processors ?? Which compilation option
should I use ?? I've been having some problems with memory mapped boards
in a Pentium II in Linux, problems that I don't have if I load NT in the
same machine. I thought about trying the latest development kernel to
chack whether it would solve the problem, but as I can see, there is no
option for Pentium II's yet.

The question is: is a Pentium II option necessary ??

Thanks in advance.


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