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Subject2.1.79, 2.1.87, 2.1.88 locks on EIDE
I have an FIC PA2007 mb with Cyrix 6x86 200+MX (75*2)....

I'm getting random lockups under high disk activity with 2.1.79, 2.1.87,
and 2.1.88..

The SCSI's don't trigger it - but EIDE does, whether I enable UDMA or not.

Incidentally, 2.1.65 works perfectly.
Also - a way to crash it is to run e2fsck.... (say, when the system
freezes and you have to restart).
[another way is to compile the kernel and wait for the system to freeze]

My 2940UW controller+disks don't have this problem BTW - and I boot to the
2940, [lilo off of IDE -> boot drive /sda2]

No log file messages, no screen messages, no oops. Doesn't happen under
2.0.33 either. Any ideas? (doesn't happen under Windows 98 either fwiw)

G'day, eh? :)
- Teunis

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