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SubjectRe: GGI, EGCS/PGCC, Kernel source
On 23 Feb 1998, Jes Degn Soerensen wrote:

> linker> It is a bit unfair (IMHO) to give something not included the
> linker> thumbs down because it has had little testing outside of it's
> linker> creators.. If it's not included in your kernel then it's
> linker> guarnteed to get little testing.. Catch-22..
> There is also the question whether GGI is the right approach or not!
> On the m68k we need to use framebuffers and thus framebuffer consoles,
> however I have not seen a lot of evidence that it will actually buy us
> a lot to tale the GGI approach rather than the nice and fairly simple
> `fbcon' style we use now. Bascially fbcon (and the abstract console
> system) allows for framebuffer consoles, VGA-like text mode consoles,
> consoles on weird devices such as TIGA boards and it allows for
> screen-mode switching in the kernel, which is necessary for the
> framebuffer devices. I can't see a lot of other graphics related
> issues that needs to go into the kernel.

And there isn't. GGI isn't just a huge bloated kernel patch. It
is a small kernel patch with userland libs. The kernel part of
GGI is called KGI and only puts into the kernel stuff that HAS to
be in the kernel.

> Hounestly, I do not follow the GGI development closely due to lack of
> time, but what I hear from the m68k guys who have been spending time
> playing with GGI I have not been overly impressed. Things might have
> improved a lot but I still have the impression that GGI is not heading
> for simplicity (no offense, I could be wrong), which I consider to be
> one of the key issues.

GGI is fairly simple IMHO. It will also be very powerful. It is
hard to judge something that is not complete, however a lot of
people certainly judge GGI without having even read their
webpages, mandate, etc...

Once one has read their stuff, it makes sense. Some questions
still arise, but it is NOT a bad thing like many people make it
out to be (without reading the web pages).

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