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SubjectRe: virtual disk system (swap enhancement idea too)
> > <OFFTOPIC>As an aside, it would be neat if the kernel would pre-write
> > pages to disk so that when it came time to swap to disk, there would
> > already be some pages written. Of course this should only happen when
> > there isn't alot of disk accesses going on.</OFFTOPIC>
> Power saving people will not like this idea, as it causes disk traffic
> even if one is not needed.

Okay, so have an option to turn it off, maybe even off /proc/sys... But
for most systems, I think it could enhance performance... As a general
rule, it strikes me there are alot of things we could do in the idle loop
rather than just idle. What about trying to defragment memory for
example, even if we didn't want to touch the disk for whatever reason?
Again, this could be disabled to reduce power consumption...


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