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SubjectRe: GGI, EGCS/PGCC, Kernel source

On Sun, 22 Feb 1998, Peter-Paul Witta wrote:
> hi!
> 1.) when will the kernel-source be PGCC-ready, i.e., when will those PGCC
> patches be supplied?

The question is rather:
- When will pgcc/egcs/gcc-2.8.x work according to the documentation?
Right now I think that egcs is probably fairly close, although I don't
know whether it is stable.

At least I am not aware of _any_ issues in the 2.1.x kernel wrt compilers:
I have not a single report of a problem that cannot be attributed to the
compiler rather than the kernel so far. (This does not mean that there
can't be any kernel problems, but it _does_ mean that I don't know of

(There is a 2.0.x kernel problem that is known and fixed in 2.1.x, which
makes me think that it is a non-issue: if you are willing to test untested
compilers on your kernels you might as well be willing to run a 2.1.x
kernel in the first place).

> 2.) is there any movement to include GGI into the kernel distribution? if
> not, why not? is it *bad code* (tm) ?

It's not a question of good or bad code, it's a question of what it buys,
and whether people are using it and whether it can be considered stable
and generic enough to warrant inclusion in the standard kernel. So far I
haven't heard enough of people using it to even consider it.


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