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SubjectPC Speaker driver in 2.1.88
I just had my first crash due to the PC Speaker driver for months - my fix for 
it is included in
which is (obviously) against 2.1.88, but should apply to just about anything
since 2.1.6x AFAICR.

If you've already installed the PC Speaker driver, just apply the one-liner

This applies to all 2.1 kernels - the bug only shows up in certain memory
layouts, and didn't happen to me until today.

Other than this minor aberration, this driver has now been rock solid in my SMP
system and numerous UP systems that I maintain for a long time. Could it go
into the distribution kernel, please?

--- linux2/drivers/pcsnd/pcsp_stub.c Sat Feb 21 16:21:54 1998
+++ linux/drivers/pcsnd/pcsp_stub.c Sat Feb 21 15:43:49 1998
@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@
__initfunc(static int pcsp_test_speed(void))
int worst, worst1, best, best1;
- unsigned char test_buffer[32];
+ unsigned char test_buffer[256];

worst = pcsp_measurement(test_buffer, 0);
worst1 = pcsp_measurement(test_buffer, 0);

---- ---- ----
David Woodhouse, Robinson College, CB3 9AN, England. (+44) 0976 658355
finger for PGP key.

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