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    SubjectRe: DHCPD v1.3 needs testing (fwd)
    > Consortium DHCP client and dhcpcd (and bootpd, for that metter) do it.
    > You were not out of compliance with the standard, other than that you
    > shouldn't have been answering or sending ARPs for

    What about - all hosts and the like

    > So it wasn't you who decided to deprecate the use of for
    > bootstrapping? I was under the impression that this was your
    > decision. I'm sorry if I've been directing my angst at the wrong
    > person... :')

    Talk to Alexey Kuznetsov - this occured as a side effect of him changing
    the code to support "IPless" interfaces - in 2.0.x every network interface
    has to support IP, which is a slightly sad and dumb feature that 2.1.x. fixed

    I did get the BPF filters put in however 8)


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