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SubjectKernel 2.1.86 & 2.1.87

I have an alpha AXPpci33 (aka Noname) with Matrox Millenium,
WinTVpci, SBAWE32, 3x1Gb SCSI disk on mobo ncr and Iomega zip,
1x540mb, Toshiba CDROM on another ncr card (ASUS NCR PCI 200). Things
are working normally well with kernel 2.0.33 but when I compiled
2.1.85 and booted, it boot but could not start the necessary
services. I recompiled the kernel several times until I could get
2.1.85 to work. I cannot tell you what I did differently becos I
don't know myself. I tried after that kernel 2.1.86, 2.1.87 and got
the same problems, Services could not be started. The errors look
like this:

INIT: entering level 3
named: named No processes available
NFS services:
SMB services:
INET services:
at daemon:
cron daemon:
portmap services
system loggers:
Kerneld services:

all of these has No processes available.
I compiled it several times but no change.
Am I doing something wrong ?
I use egcs-9802xx snapshot

At shutdown I see an extra error to the above too

rpc.mountd forgot to set AF_INET in udp sendmsg. Fix it !
is this the problem and how do I fix this?
I have my noname at home.

Chris Ariyo Phone +358-0-4512755
Helsinki University of Technology Fax +350-0-4512798
Laboratory of Metallurgy
P. O. Box 6200
FIN-02015 HUT E-mail
WWW Homepage

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