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SubjectRe: xconfig lossage: summary and suggestions (long)
Hi James et al,

> Calm down...

Yeah, ok.

> 1) Write a generic parsing service for [Cc] files, and one frontend
> for it (the simple "make config"/"make oldconfig").
> 2) Test.
> 3) Write xcnofig.
> 4) Test.
> 5) Write menuconfig?
> 6) Test? (I'm not certian if menuconfig is currently very useful. If you
> want a console-based config, run config. If you want menus, use X.)

Menuconfig is useful -- it's my favorite flavor. Lots of other people
do, too. Plus I am committed to supporting every flavor of config that's
already supported.

About at this point of the plan I would want a period of proof-reading
and beta-testing followed by submission to Linus.

> 12) Fix bugs for the rest of our misirable existances.

Yeah. I aim to minimize the work needed for that.


Michael Chastain
"love without fear"

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