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SubjectRe: VFS 64-bit clean? Not yet (was Re: large-file-system)
On Mon, 16 Feb 1998, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> Maybe egcs is better at handling eflags on x86, but I'd really like to
> think that we have a stable compiler first, rather than trusting a known
> bad compiler (yes, gcc is actually known for having generated not only
> slow but actually buggy code for "long long").

I've seen 64-bit emulation code in FreeBSD about two
years ago... And it compiled cleanly with gcc-2.6.x
too. It didn't use long long variables but an array
of two 32-bit variables and overflow detection.
Don't ask about performance... Firstly I never came
around to measuring it, and secondly I don't remember
the exact structure of the code any more :-)

Too bad I lost that 4G drive with the FreeBSD cd
copied onto a spare partition :-(

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